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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you accepting appointments through COVID-19?
    Yes! We're very happy to have the clinic open again for bookings. However, we have taken extra precautions in our appointment process to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff. Please review our COVID booking response here before booking your next appointment at our Northwest Calgary dental clinic.
  • What are your fees?
    We believe we offer quality treatment at a reasonable price. Our fees are on par with Alberta Dental Association’s suggested fee guide. Feel free to give us a call if you want to better understand our fees.
  • I do not have insurance. Can I still make an appointment?
    Even if you do not have personal or employer-covered dental insurance, you can still make an appointment as it is important for you to take care of your oral hygiene.
  • How can I budget for my visit?
    It is our goal to work with you so that you are fully aware of all the associated costs related to your treatment. Our team will provide you with a detailed plan and our doctors will work with you to address treatments that are pressing so that you can prioritize and budget properly.
  • I have insurance. Do you offer direct billing?
    Yes, we do offer direct billing and we accept most insurance plans. Once your treatment is done, we will submit the claim to your Insurance Company and will charge you for the portion that your insurance company does not cover. While we try our best to understand your insurance coverage, please note that benefits do change from time to time, and some insurance companies will not discuss your coverage with us. It is important for you to know what your insurance coverage is in order for us to help you plan for your visit.
  • I am considering orthodontics, but I am an adult. Am I too old to get ortho?"
    Orthodontic treatments, or what us dentists call ortho, help straighten your teeth so they not only look better, but feel better too. Braces and other dental appliances put gentle pressure on your teeth to move them over a period of months or years, into the right position for your mouth. Ortho is not only for children! Teeth move at any age so why don’t you give us a call so we can schedule you in for a free consultation?
  • When should my baby go to the dentist?
    Baby teeth start to emerge between six and nine months of age. These milk teeth or first teeth help your child eat and speak and help the adult teeth come in straight. Around the age of one or when the first tooth appears, we recommend making an appointment for your child to see the dentist. Visiting the dentist early is a good step to creating healthy dental habits from a young age. We love having kids visit us! We have worked really hard to create a family-friendly and safe environment for everyone so please give us a call for you and baby today.
  • How do I know if I have a cavity?
    Tooth decay and cavities are the most common oral diseases across the world, according to the Canadian Dental Association. Luckily, both of these diseases are preventable. Cavities are formed when the bacteria in plaque feeds on the sugar in our diets, creating an acid that softens our teeth which causes damage to the structure of the tooth. While we can do lots to help prevent tooth decay, once a cavity starts it is hard to reverse the damage by brushing, flossing, or fluoride alone. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain, it’s time to book a check-up with your dentist!
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